Free Nurse Clinics:

Our nurses are available every day to offer help and advice and we run various clinics to help owners.

Weight Clinics (The Chunky Club)
Just like weight watchers we offer encouragement and guidance. Losing weight is never easy but an overweight pet is more predisposed to diabetes, osteoarthritis and skin problems. Regular weight checks and body scores in a friendly environment can allow your pet to reach its target weight in a controlled and achievable way.

Diabetes Clinics
Diabetic cases are frequently not straight forward. We offer regular checks with nurses who have experience of diabetic pets. Questions can be answered and advice given on how to control the condition.

Senior Pet Clinics (The Crinkly Club)
All pets age differently, just like humans. Some reach old age faster than others. Frequently owners are unaware that some of the signs they may see their pet presenting are actually a sign of a medical problem caused by old age. Many of these conditions are treatable and can give your pet a new lease of life.

FREE check ups
Dental Check Ups – Recommended every three months after a dental.
Post Op Checks – 3 -5 days after surgery!
Parasite Checks – As required