For Vets:

Making a Referral
We accept referrals for cardiology, exotic animals, internal and emergency medicine and hydrotherapy. For routine referral appointments please fill out the appropriate form below and fax to us on 01293 852152.

Alternatively please call us on 01293 851122 between 8am and 7pm to speak with a receptionist.

All of our listed clinicians are more than happy to discuss cases over the phone. A call back can be arranged by a receptionist. Please note that our clinicians are very busy but will endeavor to return calls as soon as possible.

Following a referral a full report will be provided to the referring vet and we aim to keep you up-to-date with any cases during their time with us. We provide 24 hours veterinary care for all in-patients at our clinic and can be contacted at any time for updates on in-patients.

Download Referral Form


Head of Cardiology Cases: Dan Andrews, BVetMedCert, VCCert, SAM, MRCVS

Our clinic is equipped with echocardiography, Doppler, ECG, portable ECG.

CT Scanner

Our CT scanner has now been installed. Improving our diagnostic capabilities in referred cardiorespiratory, small animal medicine and exotic patients.

More CT Scanner Info

Exotics & Avian:

Head of Exotic & Avian Cases: Rob Reynolds, BVSc, CertZooMed, MRCVS

Our exotics team are well equipped to deal with any exotic or avian referral. We accept all routine referrals for spaying and castration of exotic species. The clinic is equipped with all modern facilities and equipment including banks of vivariums.

Laproscopic Referrals:

We are happy to accept refferals for both laproscopic spays, retained testicles and biopsies.


Our well established hydrotherapy team accept referrals for many different reasons. Whether post operative rehabilitation, part of a treatment regime, for weight loss or just for fun, we are able to adapt the swimming session to meet the needs of the individual.

We have a hands on approach with hydrotherapists being in the pool with the patient to ensure they get the most from the session. Our pool is only ever used for one client at a time.

We are open for swims 7 days a week.

Please fax us a referral form along with any relevant history.