Referrals – For Owners

Our dedicated staff at Seers Croft are proud to offer a referral service for cardiology, internal medicine (ie liver, kidney, stomach/bowel and hormone problems) emergency medicine, exotic and avian cases, key-­hole surgery and hydrotherapy.

As well as our highly skilled team we have a fully equipped, purpose built surgery offering; an in house lab, kennelling facilites, endoscopic/laproscopic equipment, digital radiography, ultrasonography. The practice has a team of 6 vets and we cover our own out of hours work with our own team of emergency staff.

We are able to see referrals Monday to Friday between 8am and 6.30pm. Hydrotherapy is available Saturday and Sunday as well.

We can also do direct insurance claims for referral cases. Please discuss this with the surgery before your appointment so we can liaise with your insurance company.

Your pet needs to be referred by your normal vet who can phone and discuss the case beforehand or fill in one of our referral forms and fax it to us with a full medical history.


Seers Croft veterinary surgery has a special interest in cardiorespiratory medicine and internal medicine. Dan Andrews is Royal College certified in veterinary cardiology and small animal internal medicine and has colleagues who share his interest in this area of veterinary medicine. Challenging or unusual cardiology cases from other practices are seen on a referral basis. Clients registered at another practice must be referred by their own veterinary surgeon. Heart testing (by auscultation) appointments can be made directly with the practice. Many cardiorespiratory cases require intensive care. Having an emergency clinic based on the premises means there is 24 hour attention for critical patients.

Internal Medicine / Emergency Medicine

Trauma cases and intensive care cases form a large part of our workload and we are always happy to see emergency medicine cases. Staff are on the premises 24 hours a day caring for patients.

Exotics & Avian

Rob and his team see large numbers of exotic cases ranging from tortoises to tapirs, finches to large birds of prey. We have a large number of vivariums to house our many inpatients and all the modern equipment and diagnostic facilities needed to offer a first class service.

Laparoscopic surgery and Key-hole surgery

Not all veterinary surgeries offer laparoscopic spays. Here at Seers Croft we are happy to accept referrals for this operation.


Hydrotherapy will often be recommended by your vet if your pet has recieved recent orthopaedic surgery or there is evidence of degenerative joint disease (arthritis). Other reasons could be for neurological or muscular disease. Hydrotherapy can also be taken as part of a weight control programme or used to increase fitness levels prior to competition work (e.g. agility). Most dogs like swimming and some come just for fun!