Hydrotherapy at Seers Croft

Hydrotherapy pool for dogs:

Hydro dog jumping

  • Helping dogs recover muscle and joint function after an operation
  • The hydrotherapy pool for dogs helps control obesity and getting fit
  • Relief in arthritis cases
  • or Just to have fun.
Run by our team of hydrotherapists under veterinary supervision, we believe hydrotherapy for dogs should be fun as well as therapeutic. Our hydrotherapy pool, installed at the surgery in West Sussex, inside a log cabin, is at floor level which means that dogs can walk down our gently sloping ramp, without the aid of winches or hoists. We do, however, use buoyancy aids when necessary. All dogs are accompanied in the hydrotherapy pool by an experienced instructor to ensure the dogs safety. Temperature, pulse and respiration rates are carefully monitored, both before and after each swim, and records kept so that trends may be monitored. The main indication from the surgeon’s point of view is prevention or reversal of post-operative muscle-wasting. For instance, we have had cases where stifle joints in large dogs have become unstable when post-cruciate repair, quadriceps wasting has led to patella luxation. We now start to swim these dogs long before we would have allowed walking exercise. The loss of muscle mass associated with arthritis is another major indication. There seems to be a short-term analgesic effect after swimming as well, possibly because joints have been taken through their full range of movement. Weight control and exercise of animals with paralysis or paresis following spinal disease are two other obvious indications. If you think your pet could benefit from hydrotherapy, please contact us for an appointment, or register online.

Hydro dog divingDogs may benefit from the hydrotherapy pool if:

  • There has been recent orthopaedic surgery
  • There is evidence of degenerative joint disease (arthritis)
  • Neurological or muscular disease has been diagnosed
  • Taken as part of a weight control program
  • Used to increase fitness levels prior to competition work (e.g. agility)
  • Some dogs like swimming for fun!

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