Night Vet – Tel: 01293 851122

  • 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Highly experienced in emergency care
  • House visits always available

Seers Croft Night Vets has been successfully running since 1996 and is the only dedicated service of its kind in the area. Our night service is headed up by Jeremy Edwards,  a member of the Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Society and Hedley Woodman. Our night vets and nurses are experienced in dealing with emergency medicine and are on site from 7pm through to 8am every night and every time the day surgery is closed.  Therefore for 365 days a year 24 hours a day we have a team working on site to care for your pet.

They liaise with our day vets ensuring continuity of care and allowing us to do what is best for your pet.

For extra peace of mind we have a backup vet on call for all out of hours care. This vet will be called upon to undertake any house visits required. Therefore the surgery vet is never called away from the practice and the client is not kept waiting when a house call is needed.

The care can continue into the morning. We liaise with the veterinary clinic who normally treat the pet, and the owner, to decide whether it is in the patient’s interest to go home, be transferred to the regular practice, or stay with us until more stable. Although Seers Croft is used to seeing Referral cases from all over the South East for Cardiology, Internal Medicine, CT imaging, and Exotic animals, we feel that the Emergency Clinic is best placed to serve local clients, registered with local practices. No emergency case benefits from a long road journey.


Points to consider when using a Veterinary night service

Q&A Can any pet owner use our night service? No I am afraid the night clinic is for clients of practices that have invested in it. If your veterinary surgery does not use Seers Croft you should take your pet to the out of hours provider that your surgery uses. However, in the case of a life threatening situation we will always try to help.

Q&A What happens to my pet if its care falls between shift changes?
At Seers Croft we have continual care. If your pet has had to be treated at night and it is too sick to move the next day we have the option of keeping him / her at Seers Croft until you and your vet decide what you would like to happen. This means you are in control and we can talk to your vets ensuring the best care at all times for your pet.

Q&A What if I need a house visit?
We have a vet available for house visits 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q&A Will my pet ever be on his/her own?
No never, there is always someone at the surgery.

Q&A Why is it more expensive?
Treatment at night is always more expensive. We have to pay for staff to work through the night. However, we have found we are significantly cheaper than some clients have found when calling out their normal vets after hours or other night clinics.

Q&A How important is rapid access to treatment.
This is an impossible question to generalise over but in the case of a true emergency such as a gastric torsion then time is critical to improve chances.