Exotic Pets:

Below you can find comments on just a few of the exotic species seen at Seers Croft. We see first and second opinion cases as well as many referral cases from other veterinary practices. As well as zoo work we treat numerous unusual animals kept privately, ranging from ferrets to tapirs, coatimundis to beared dragons, snakes, amphibians, fish, birds and tortoises. Our gallery shows some of the more unusual animals that we treat.

We have experienced vets who have qualified in zoological and wildlife medicine. Rob Reynolds has treated exotics for over 20 years and he holds a Royal College Certificate in Zoological Medicine. Colleagues hold the same or equivalent certificates such as MSc in Wild Animal Health. Our exotics team is happy to see any type of exotic animal.

Reptiles including Tortoises

Reptile medicine and surgery is an ever expanding field. Most reptiles benefit from regular health chceks similar to cats and dogs. This often allows detection of problems and husbandry issues
before your reptile becomes ill. For Tortoise on crutchesexample faecal samples, examined under the microscope, will show parasites before they become a problem, allowing for appropriate treatment when necessary. Detection of eggs or follicles might need to be followed by medical or surgical treatment. Spaying tortoises and lizards is now quite common.

Some of the diagnostic techniques we use in reptiles are blood sampling, ultrsound, radiography, and endoscopy. Good husbandry is vital if these species are to do well under treatment so hospitalised reptiles reside in one of our vivaria. They are heated and have ceramic hot spots as well as ultraviolet lighting.


Amphibians Amphibians are becoming increasingly popular as pets. They are relatively cheap to buy. However, they require a more expensive specialised set up as without the right environment they often develop problems. Amphibians, like any other animal, can suffer from infections, parasites, etc. and sometimes require veterinary attention, which we are more than happy to provide.

Fish We regularly see tropical, as well as outdoor and indoor cold water fish. Considering they live in the water specialised techniques for examination, treatment and anaesthesia are required.

Others Further information on small pets and birds can be found by clicking on the respective links.

Exotic Pets Advice

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