24 Hour Cover
Our vets offer 24 hour cover for all our equine patients, including horses donkeys and family ponies. We are kept busy with our equine work both with routine visits and emergencies.

Facilities for normal investigation including nerve blocks, x-rays and ultra sound examination of tendons, and endoscopic examination of the respiratory tract are available. Stabling is available at the surgery for hospitalising our patients. Transport of horses to and from the surgery can be arranged.

We enjoy visiting the yards but we are very happy for you to drive your horse to the surgery if you prefer. At the time of vaccination all horses receive a general health check and the vets are happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Vaccinating your horse prevents many serious diseases. Not vaccinating your horse will prevent you and your horse from competing at many events.

Worm counts are now considered the best way forward for controlling worming in horses. Rather than blanket worming the recommendation now is only to worm if worm eggs are present in the faeces. This reduces worming product resistance and avoids over use of medication.

Horses’ teeth should be checked every 6 – 12 months. Rasping and maintaining your horses teeth is an important part of their general healthcare. Routine procedures can be straight forward. This is not always the case when removing wolf teeth or undertaking dentistry on the more nervous animals but our vets are used to dealing with these problems. Our vets carry sedatives with them to use when necessary. This prevents the need for a horse to have to tolerate an uncomfortable or scary experience.

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