Pet Birds:

Feathered creatures of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Seers Croft. Canaries, budgerigars, parrots, birds of prey, waterfowl, cranes… have all been treated by our exotic vets. Problems encountered are as varied as the species we see.

Are very intelligent, inquisitive birds. They need plenty of distractions and toys that can be safely destroyed. Flying free can lead to ingestion of foreign bodies and exposure to heavy metals (zinc and lead). It is very important for them to have a well balanced diet and most species require UVB light to absorb calcium. Even when husbandry and diet is perfect, veterinary attention might be needed and our vets are always here to help.

Birds of Prey
Both working and birds of prey kept for recreational reasons are brought in to Seers Croft. Depending on the presentation, faecal samples, blood sampling, X-rays, endoscopy and surgery might be needed, all of which we perform on site.

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Birds Advice

Safe Food for Parrots